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Version 10.21 December 12, 2021
for Windows 8, 10, 11

Can not be tried in the virtual environment.

Cutting optimization software provides quick quotes, lean material orders, and cutting instructions that do not rely on craftsmen.

Are you in trouble like a puzzle when cutting board materials? Creating a cutting plan requires skilled experience and takes considerable time. There may be more efficient cutting methods.

What is Cut optimizer

Cut Optimizer is software that arranges to cut out multiple parts panels from the original plate such as acrylic plates, plywood, aluminum plate, and steel plate.

Calculate highly efficient cutting layout by panel saw, running saw and shirring. Used in furniture manufacturing, steel plate and sheet metal processing, etc.

The calculation results can be confirmed on the PC screen, printed and used as an order to the work site. You can also use it to calculate estimates.

Also supports cutting optimization of long material.

Long materials such as bars, pipes and tubes also calculate the layout to cut efficiently. Cutting Planner supports both 1D and 2D with one software.

Characteristics of Cutting Planner.

Reduce the manual work that took several hours to several seconds.

Creating a cutting plan requires skilled experience and intense time. With cutting optimization software you do not need craftsmen. We can eliminate the time to think about allocation and start working immediately.

We also save material time, waste, energy and management costs.

Not only to save material and time costs but also to synergistic cost savings effects can immediately amortize the purchase price of the software.

Free version upgrade

Upgrade is free and maintenance costs are zero.

Can be used indefinitely with a permanent license.

Cooperation with other software.

  • Copy and paste with a spreadsheet such as Excel is possible.

  • I / O in CSV format is possible.

  • Adopted xml format for proprietary data format. I am disclosing that specification. You can independently develop software that utilizes the calculated cutting layout diagram.

  • Automatic calculation and automatic input / output using command line option. There are cases of introduction that are linked with the inventory management system.

The types and number of calculable stock panels and parts panels are virtually unlimited.

If you set up multiple size stock panels, the parts panel will automatically be placed on the stock panel of the better yield.

Cutting Planner is designed to make the area of ​​the remainder as large as possible. In the next lot, in addition to the standard size panel, the remaining material can also be registered as a stock panel.

It also supports large-scale problems. Although it depends on the memory of the PC exactly, it is a level which can be considered unrestricted in practical use.

Simple but sufficient basic function.

Corresponds to fraction inch

Corresponds to multiple length formats.

  • Decimal. e.g. 123.4 mm; 12.3" Please assume the unit of numerical value freely, such as millimeter or inch.

  • Feet and decimal inches. e.g. 12' 3.45"

  • Fractional inches. e.g. 12-31/32"

  • Feet and fractional inches. e.g. 12' 3-63/64"

Case study, customer's voice.

We will show you excerpts of customers' voices that actually arrived with e-mail etc.

There are times when you can tell me that there are errors and troubles actually. Thanks to that, we can improve and further improve our reliability.

  • Not only to take out the material from the original plate, it is easy to use.

  • I did not buy it, but your company could answer questions carefully.

  • This software is very useful software.

  • I am satisfied with the calculation speed and the calculation result.

  • The use of this software will surely improve the yield of the board.

  • This software is very nice, easy to use, after consideration within the department, we will use it.

  • It is used for cutting of SUS thin plate.

  • What I was doing manually can be completed in a short time!

  • Cost performance is the best.

  • Linked with inventory data with command line options.

  • I was impressed that the work that took several hours was completed in just a few seconds.

Creating a cutting plan requires skilled experience and intense time. It is not an easy task. Academically this is a problem called "combinatorial optimization". In order to guarantee the optimum solution, there is no choice but to pick out all the patterns. The cutout pattern increases in a factorial fashion each time one type of member and original plate increases, and it becomes practically infinite if it enumerates everything.

Therefore, it is realistically impossible to output an optimal solution, even if you use a computer, it is a very difficult problem.

Therefore, in such a case, an algorithm that gives a certain degree of answer within a practical time is used. It is a genetic algorithm that is often used here, but it is not used in the Cutting Planner. This is because the process of randomly generating patterns enters, the result of calculation is not stable, even if the numerical yield is good, it becomes an unnatural pattern. To solve this problem, our software has developed an algorithm that outputs natural board diagrams close to the human sense by combining the experience gained from actual factory work and the advantages of computers.

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When cutting out sheet material from plywood or aluminum plate, are you troubled like a puzzle?

Cutting Planner has already been utilized in various situations, from small workshops to famous enterprises.

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