Help for Ver.8 or earlier users


In Version 9 and later, it became possible to manage multiple types of materials and thickness panels in one file at once. As a result, there is a change in the menu composition etc. We introduce the concept of sheet to manage multiple types of stock panels. A spreadsheet software can handle multiple worksheets, but it looks like that image.

Change menu composition

"Optimization problem (1D / 2D)" and "Parts Turn (2D)"

These menus are set in the window displayed in [Worksheet] - [Add Sheet] or [Sheet Properties]. This is to enable different settings for each worksheet. 1D / 2D can not be switched when data is already input. We will respond using the sheet addition and deletion function.

You can add a previous version of the data file to the worksheet with [Worksheet] - [Insert from file]. It is not possible to mix "Saw Kerf size" or "Precision" settings etc, which are placement calculation options other than the above setting.

There are material name and thickness as the name attached to the sheet. You can register frequently used names in [Stocks panel type list] in the [Options] window. Since thickness is also managed as a character string, it is possible to add units.

Add sheet form
Stocks type list form

About command line options

The following options have been added.

/Material= Specify the material name.

/Thickness= Specify the thickness.

If you specify a name that can not be used, the error code is 141.

The command line option works the same as before, but it does not correspond to multiple worksheets. The command line is too complicated. However, you can create a .recx file containing multiple worksheets (see File Format).

File format

The .xml file has the material name: Material, thickness: Thickness, tab color: TabColor added. . xml saves only one worksheet. Therefore, saving in an. Xml file has been moved from saving in the [File] menu to [Save to xml file] on the [Worksheet] menu.

In the case of the previous version, the .recx file was a file that zipped the .xml file and changed the extension to .recx. The new format corresponds to multiple worksheets by zipping multiple files together. The tab order is the order of the file list inside the zip file. By doing this, you can also create multiple .recx files on the command line by using the zip file creation tool. To prevent garbled characters other than ASCII characters, the zip file creation tool must be UTF-8 compliant.