Options - Optimize

Speed and Yield

Can establish an efficient balance of running time (speed) and optimization(Yield).

Minimum search time

It is a setting to further increase the number of searches because of the problem that ends in an instant. If there are few types of parts, it may end earlier than this setting.

Small stocks usage rate

Number between 0 and 100. The bigger the number, the more the Cutting Planner will use smaller stocks.

"First usage Stocks" is used first.

Cut table length

Limits length of cuts. No cut can be longer than this value.

The roll is divided in this numerical value for the long material, and it's indicated.

Saw Kerf size

Width of cuts.

Refer to the above "The effective range of the value".

Length Format and Precision

  • Decimal.

e.g. 123.4 mm; 12.3"

Please assume the unit of numerical value freely, such as millimeter or inch.

  • Feet and decimal inches

e.g. 12' 3.45"

  • Fractional inches

e.g. 12-31/32"

  • Feet and fractional inches

e.g. 12' 3-63/64"

The denominator of fraction inch corresponds to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 within the setting accuracy.

Unit symbols in feet · inch correspond to the following. Unit sign in feet [ft], ['], ['] Inch unit symbol [in], ["], ["]

In case of inch input, the symbol on the right end can be omitted.


Set the minimum unit. For the decimal point, set the number of digits of the decimal part. For fraction inch, set the fraction.

Valid range of values (see below) will change.

The length settings such as "Saw Kerf size" and "Cut table length" also follow this setting.

When the data goes out of the valid value, the text color gets red and it is ignored as data at the time of placement calculation.

Increasing accuracy increases processing time and amount of memory, so please set the necessary and sufficient level of accuracy.


Because the internal storage method of data is different for each type of length and precision, even if you change it, you do not convert already entered data. Therefore, carefully consider this option before entering data.

The effective range of the value

Maximum number of types of Parts and Stocks is about 65,000.

The total number of Parts and Stocks is about 4.2 billion.

The scale that you can calculate really depends on the memory capacity. (32bit Windows = less then 2GB, 64bit = less then 4GB)

Even can support enough large-scale problem in practical use.

Can treat the long materials such as coil materials.