[File]-[Page Setup]

Header, Footer

Input the character string which makes header or a running foot print by left, center, right justification.When &x is put in a character string, it's replace by the following passage.

[File Name=&f] [Date=&d] [Time=&t] [Page Number=&p] [Page Total Number=&P]

Unify the enlargement ratio in the figure.

When checking it, the size prints 1000 * 1000 and 100 * 100 in the same size.

Printer Settings

Setting size of the paper and a direction, the kind of the printer and its property.

Print of panel cost

When unit price is input to Stock list, print the unit price of the material.

[Yield] = ( [Total of the area of the used Stocks] - [Total of the area of the Remnants] ) / [Total of the area of the used Stocks]

[Part unit price] = [Area of the Part] / [Total of the area of the used Stocks] * [Total of the price of the used Stocks] * [Parts quantity] / Yield

Print Only Text(1D)

Do not print Layout pictures at 1D.

[Print] button

When the property of a printer is changed from this screen, it isn't reflected by a print preview.

Please establish it from [File]-[Page Setup].