Make trial and error by manual operation.

for example

  • Try to change a combination of size of the Stocks.

  • Try to change value of [Options]-[Small stocks usage rate]

  • Try to change records of "Stocks" list with "First usage Stocks" list

  • Even if it is the part which "Can turn", try to setting of the "Can not turn". etc.

Results may be greatly different only by the size of Stock being different 1.

Cooperation with other software

Spreadsheet such as Excel and copy and paste.

Input / output of CSV data with the import / export function of the right click menu.

Export the calculated diagram in EMF format.

Automation of work

By using the command line option, you can calculate automatically, output the result, and save it.

It can input and output in XML format. This allows you to develop software that makes use of cut pattern data elsewhere.

There are cases such as collaboration with stock database.