Calculator software that can enlarge characters even in a compact (date / time calculation, also corresponds to a scientific calculator)

The software can be used free of charge.

M - Calc is a compact calculator pursuing ease of use. You can erase the numeric buttons on the window assuming you want to operate with the keyboard. Since only numeric windows are displayed and do not take up space, it is convenient to use M - Calc while doing other work. You can freely change the font size of the numerical window. If you stick to the design, you can create your own skin and apply it.

Not only appearance but also calculation function are enriched. It corresponds to both general calculators and scientific calculators. A general calculator can be handled by the same key operation as Sharp or Citizen type. Unit conversion, date time calculation, loan repayment amount calculation, etc. are equipped with necessary and sufficient functions. If you feel inconvenient to the calculator that was originally included in Windows, please try it once.

Screenshot with scientific calculator button

Screenshot of Buttonless 15 digit case

Screenshot of Buttonless 9 digit case

Various settings, options, date / time calculation etc. enter from the menu right click on the main window.


The display of the button can be erased and it is compact.

Windows standard calculator has a numeric keypad button. However, in fact, I look at the numeric keypad on the keyboard and enter. Buttons on the screen are not necessary. Since M-Calc can be set only to "numerical display", the area will be smaller. You can also delete the title bar. Also, since you can change the font, you can enlarge the letters. It has enough function as a calculator.

It works in the same way as a real calculator (correspondence between ordinary calculator and function calculator)

It corresponds to three types of input method: ordinary calculator (Sharp, Citizen type), function calculator without mathematical expression display, and function calculator with mathematical expression display.

  • Date and time calculation

  • Loan repayment amount calculation

  • Unit conversion

  • Triangulation calculation (even if you are not familiar with trigonometric functions, you can handle them)

  • Hexadecimal operation

  • Calculation history (as re-use of values calculated in the past, check of input errors, statistical function)

  • Key customization

  • USB memory compatible

  • Skin (design can be changed freely)

M-Calc license agreement

When using M-Calc (hereinafter referred to as the software) on your computer, please accept the following software license agreement. The software includes programs, images, documents, etc.

1. License agreement

The software can be used free of charge.

2. Copyright

The copyright of the software belongs to TubakuroSoft.

3. Prohibited matter

You can not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software.

You can not modify the software.

4. Disclaimer

The copyright owner is not responsible for any loss of the direct or indirect benefit of the software or related services. All problems resulting from the use of the Software shall be dealt with at your own risk.

We are not responsible for supporting handling of the software.

5. Termination

If you breach this agreement, the license of the software will expire.

The user of the Software may not request payment under any obligation on compensation for the author against the termination of this Agreement for any reason.

6. language

If this Agreement or the document relating to this Agreement is translated into a language other than Japanese, if there is a difference in interpretation between the Japanese version and the translated version, the Japanese version will prevail.

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