Pricing & Order

Delivery time of license key.

About 30 minutes to 1 day after payment is confirmed, it will be sent to the e-mail address registered in PayPal.

This is software and cannot be returned or refunded. Please fully consider the free trial period.

About "Company name or Personal name"

The name entered here becomes the name of the license key owner, and the contents are embedded in the license key. If there is no entry, the name written on the card will be embedded.

About license

Once purchased, version upgrade is free, starting to use early and using it for a long time is advantageous.

Great discount 10 license pack. The difference between a single license and a 10 licenses pack is the number of PCs that can be installed. If there is a possibility of using multiple machines, we recommend 10 licenses packs. You can quickly recover the investment amount.

Please consider fully in the free trial period.

"Cutting Planner Pro" Please agree to the license agreement.

This site uses PayPal.

PayPal is a settlement agent service that allows you to shop without having to tell the seller the number of your credit card. PayPal supports payment in multiple types of currencies. PayPal can pay even if there is no corresponding currency for the site.

If you can not receive a license key. Or, if the received license key can not be registered.

The email may be treated as spam. Especially Gmail needs confirmation. Or is it the email address you registered with PayPal? please confirm. In addition, the mail setting could be an invalid key due to line feed and extra characters inserted. In such a case, we will take measures such as resending and reissuing, so please contact us by mixing the letters "Cutting Planner" in the subject.

When the license key is lost.

There is a possibility that it can be resent by inquiring by using the registered e-mail address, but it can not be guaranteed.

Please note that we will not resend to anything other than the e-mail address you registered for the first time to prevent spoofing by third parties.

Backup and manage license keys at your own risk.